Improving the lives of children

Improving the lives of children

Salus recognises that all children and young people are different and may need support to deal with the challenges they face to ensure they can achieve their potential.
Salus offers a huge range of innovative services and evidence based training programmes with a mission to improve the lives of Children & Young People.

Our support services

Salus offer a diverse range of programmes to support the needs of children and young people.
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Training practitioners

Our Courses are designed to enhance the Knowledge, skills and confidence of professionals and practitioners working with children, young people, their families and their communities.
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The Latest from Salus

“Salus has provided reassurance, support and laughter. They have built an excellent rapport with my son which enabled his wishes to be fully heard and understood. We still have a long way to go but Salus has certainly seen us through some really tough times.”

Family Support Attendance Service

“Thank you so much for helping not only T but our whole family in our time of crisis – you gave me moral support when times were hard and you helped me to believe that there was light at the end of the tunnel… without you I’m certain that our story would have been a very different one!”

Serious Youth Violence Service

“Absolutely Outstanding, I particularly liked how you remind people to think about their approach to each other as colleagues, as well as the children, the whole school culture is so important”

Head of Sixth Form about Restorative Approach Training

“My knowledge of consent and harmful relationships has improved, and increased my knowledge of traits of domestic abuse and abusive relationships. I met my goals and I am able to verbalise my understanding of appropriate behaviour…”

Young Person about HERA Service