‘Bic’s Disposable Children’ Workshop Training on Exploring Child Criminal Exploitation and County Lines.


This course provides you with the knowledge and skills to understand, identify and support children who may be vulnerable to exploitation and at risk of being recruited into county lines. Improve your understanding about how children are groomed and criminally exploited. Understand the indicators that a child might be at risk in your community will give you the opportunity to intervene early and access support.

Learning Objectives

  • An exploration of UK drug markets and county lines methods of drug supply
  • Understanding the links between county lines and serious youth violence
  • Cuckooing, forced and internal concealment – Adopting a trauma informed response.
  • Exploring the signs of identification of criminal exploitation – What are the barriers?
  • Explore Contextual safeguarding
  • An exploration of how to support parents and work in a multi-agency way.
  • Explore the current challenges in practice.
  • Victim V Offender
  • Exploring the language used when discussing exploitation.
  • National Referral Mechanism.
  • What works lessons from the Serious Youth Violence Programme in North Kent and latest academic research.

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