Whole class/group exploitation awareness

Whole class/group exploitation awareness

Support Services for Children & Young People
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  • Who is it for?
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Salus offer a workshop called Under the Radar, developed by Loudmouth Education and Training. Loudmouth is a highly respected and innovative theatre in education company. Under the Radar shows students how children and young people are targeted and groomed into criminal exploitation, focusing in on county lines.

What is this service?

Under the Radar (Mikey’s Story) is a 40 – 60 minute facilitated PSHE lesson on youth violence and criminal exploitation for Key Stages 3, and 4. It works particularly effectively with KS3. It uses pre-recorded drama and facilitated discussion to teach young people about the risks involved in youth violence including carrying a knife and the link between youth violence and criminal exploitation. The character Mikey looks back on how as a teenager he got groomed into running county lines for a criminal gang. The lesson has been carefully structured and designed specifically for secondary aged and college students and links directly with the PSHE curriculum.

Who is it for?

This is available for all schools across Kent  but is particularly suitable for Key stage 3 young people.

What does it offer?

The relevant resources to deliver the workshop are provided by Loudmouth and the sessions is then delivered by an experienced Salus staff member who has the skills and local knowledge to deliver the content required, as well as engage the young people to participate

Through delivery of the Under the Radar sessions, Salus aim to increase young people’s knowledge and understanding, to potentially affect behaviour change in the future.

Where is it available?

This is available to all schools across Kent.

Next Steps

We aren’t funded to deliver this work and you would need to meet the cost of delivery. The cost would depend on size of the group and the number of workshops required. If you are interested and would like to know costs, Please enquire for more information regarding the service.