Therapeutically Informed Family Support Service (TIFSS)

Therapeutically Informed Family Support Service (TIFSS)

Support Services for Children & Young People
  • What is this service?
  • Who is it for?
  • What does it offer?
  • Where is it available?
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Support for Children and Young People within the Crisis and Complex Pathway

What is this service?

Through TIFSS, we deliver intensive, focused, person-centred support for children, young people and their families who are experiencing complex and crisis care needs.

Who is it for?

This specialist service is available for children and young people 8 – 17 years old who reside in East Kent and who are registered with a GP in East Kent. They must be known to the Crisis and Complex Care Pathway and be receiving ongoing mental health support from CYPMHS. All referrals are discussed and agreed at a weekly triage meeting.

What does it offer?

The TIFSS Service is not intended to replace any existing support or intervention for a child or young person. The service does not manage or co-ordinate cases. Instead, we work with the network to understand the specific challenges, plan of support and the unique ways in which we can enhance this.

Our holistic, personalised support is based on the establishment of a trusted relationship between the skilled practitioner and the child or young person. Using a specialist youth engagement approach, our support offer reflects all aspects of the child or young person’s life including education, friendships, family, talents and interests.

Examples of support could include:

  • Rebuilding lost connections and/or expanding their social network
  • Accessing (or re-integrating into) educaiton
  • Engaging in positive activities in the community
  • Building resilience
  • Supporting and encouraging self-care
  • Promoting well-being
  • Helping a family to better understand their child’s needs
  • Overcoming family conflict


Where is it available?

The service is available in East Kent (ICB area).

Next Steps

To request a consultation with us to understand needs and eligibility, please email us on or call us on 01303 817470