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Restorative Justice brings those harmed by crime and those responsible for the harm into communication with each other, to help repair the harm caused.

What is this service?

The Kent & Medway restorative justice service is a service commissioned by the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) for Kent Police to offer victims of crime who reside in Kent the opportunity to consider a restorative justice process with the person (offender) who has committed a crime against them, either in a face to face conference or in a indirect process e.g. a letter, or shuttle conversation.

Who is it for?

The service is for anyone who has been affected by crime where an offender has been identified, who reside in Kent or Medway.

Participants must agree to the process and cannot be compelled to engage. Referrals can be accepted from both Victims and Offenders for all types of crime, however it should be noted that referrals for domestic abuse or sexual offences can only be taken from victims.

What does it offer?

Restorative Justice (RJ) offers victims an opportunity to be heard and to have their say in the resolution of harm caused by a crime.

RJ has a proven, significant impact in supporting victims in achieving closure and allowing them to move on with their lives. 85% of victims who have participated in RJ would recommend it to others.

For offenders, RJ provides an opportunity to face the consequences of their actions, recognising the impact that their offending behaviour has had upon others and, where possible, make amends.

Where is it available?

The service covers the whole of Kent and Medway.

Next Steps

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