About our support services

About our support services

Salus recognises that all children and young people are different and, for any number of reasons, may need support to deal with the challenges they face to ensure they can achieve their potential.

We know that families, teachers, youth workers and other practitioners do an amazing job in offering support but may sometimes need some help to do this. At times, a child or young person may benefit from some more specialist or focused support.

We have been supporting children & young people and their families for over 30 years and are experts offering support with a focus on emotional health, well-being and also practical support.

You can use this section to find the support you need, you can see at a glance the different services we offer and a brief description, then click on the service you are interested in to find out more or make an enquiry or referral for a child, young person or family you are working with.

View our range of Support Services and see how you can make a referral