Virtual Youth Sessions Summer Programme 24th August – 2nd September 2020

23 July 2020

We are pleased to announce our new Summer Zoom timetable for the week beginning Monday 24th August.

Our virtual sessions are delivered via the FREE app, Zoom and are FREE to all 8-19 year olds in the Kent district.

You can book on to as many sessions as you like, here’s what we’re offering:

Fun exercise sessions –  Start your morning off right! Join in on our variety of designed exercise sessions delivered by our very active and talented youth workers. These sessions include; Boxing, Pilates, Circuit training, HIT workouts, morning stretches and many more. They are tailored for all 8-19 year olds and are for a mixture of abilities so  all are welcome!

School subject catch-up sessions –  Worried you might have missed out on school work during lockdown? Do not fear! We are here to go through those subjects you need some support with! Whether it be Maths, Science, English, or Drama, we will be here to help. So come along and lets catch up together!

Relax creative sessions – It’s summer! Let’s have some fun! Continuing some of our tested  and young person approved sessions during the summer! Make some creative items with Clive and Louisa, Test your knowledge with Adam and Stu, Learn to cook with Becci and Lauryn, or take part in the summer task master to win prizes with Rox! Whatever you decide to join in on it will be guaranteed to be fun!

If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact us:
Phone: Roxanne Frost: 07719 521 491 or Clive Harris on: 07725 595 750

Salus virtual summer programme 2020 3

Once you have completed and submitted a booking form (links below) you will receive a confirmation email to the address you have provided. On the day of the session you have booked on to, you will receive another email with a invite link, this will be sent between 10 to 30 mins before the session is due to start, and will come from the person hosting the session. Then all you’ll need to do is click on the zoom invite to join the session.

Click on the link for the session you would like to book on to:

Monday 24th August

For Zumba with Louisa booking form – click here

For Make Smoothies with Lauryn booking form – click here

For Glove Monsters with Becci booking form – click here

Tuesday 25th August

For Meditation with Rox booking form – click here

For Maths Resilience Session with Becci booking form – click here

Wednesday 26th August

For Morning Stretches with Lauryn booking form – click here

For Origami with Rox booking form – click here

For General Knowledge Quiz with Stu booking form – click here

Thursday 27th July

For Boxing with Stu booking form – click here

For English Resilience Session with Lauryn booking form – click here

Friday 28th August

For Make a Dream Catcher with Louisa booking form – click here

For NEW Task Master part-3 with Rox booking form – click here

For Uno with Stu booking form – click here

Tuesday 1st September

For Circuit Training with Adam booking form – click here

For Back to School Catch-up & Questions with Rox booking form – click here

For Get Crafty with Clive booking form – click here

Wednesday 2nd September

For Boxing with Stu booking form – click here

For Make Sausage Rolls with Becci booking form – click here

For Art Session with Louisa booking form – click here

We can’t wait to virtually see you this summer!

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