Young Restorative Practitioners

Young Person’s Restorative Approaches Practitioner Training (RAPT)

Young People’s Restorative Approaches Practitioner Training (RAPT) is a 3 day programme designed to train young people to become ‘Restorative Approaches Practitioners’ within their local communities.

Restorative Approaches are based on the principles of restorative justice with the focus on building, maintaining and repairing relationships. They provide children and young people with essential life skills around dealing with conflict and harm, building support while allowing them to be fully accountable for their behaviour. Where there is harm, the approach involves all those affected by an incident and finds ways to move forward that reduce resentment.

‘Restorative Approaches Practitioners’ contribute to the embedding of Restorative Approaches as part of a community (local neighbourhoods, schools, youth centres, children’s residential homes etc.) initiative. They can engage with their local community in practices such as conferencing, and are skilled to manage low level conflict and anti-social behaviour to prevent escalation.

This training programme is designed for young people aged 14 – 21 (up to 15 per programme). High quality learning is facilitated by an accredited practitioner, and includes group work activities, DVDs, ‘real life’ testimonials, discussion, exercises and role play.


  • Increases self-esteem and confidence of young people trained, young people feel empowered
  • Young people have a greater sense of belonging to the community
  • Young people develop life skills i.e. communication skills, managing conflict, empathy
  • Increases capacity to manage low level conflict within a community
  • Promotes positive relationships and use of language to manage conflict
  • Provides evidence for Ofsted – ‘behaviour and safety of pupils at the school

“I really enjoyed the course. I liked getting involved with new people and doing activities that allowed us all to bond as a group e.g. the role play in conferences. I developed knowledge of something I knew very little about. I liked learning about ways to resolve even just the little conflicts. It was good to gain confidence in handling a lot of new things.”

“I think I have achieved more than what I had hoped for. I have developed many skills such as communication, developed further knowledge into something I knew very little about and found ways to deal with little conflicts in my life.”

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