Work Based Learning

The Salus Work Based Learning Programme aims to support young people into further education, employment or training, enabling them to make a positive contribution to their communities and to achieve economic well-being.

The programme provides young people with the opportunity to experience additional curriculum learning through varied vocational career placements. Our most popular placements have been in mechanics, child care and hairdressing but we endeavor to arrange a placement that matches each young person’s individual interest(s). We offer a clear identification and referral process, pre-placement workshops (where required), arrangement of placement, and support to encourage and ensure the young people attend, including visits during placement.

The Work Based Learning programme aims to:

  • Contribute to reducing long term NEET (not in education, employment or training) levels by offering alternative learning opportunities
  • Increase opportunities for under-achieving young people to achieve and to help them to realise their potential
  • Increase young people’s confidence, self-esteem and social skills
  • Widen young people’s understanding of the world of work and the expectations of employers, reinforcing a positive attitude towards work

“I now like to work with other people, and make conversations with people I’ve never spoken to. I like to work on things and do lots of challenges.”
Young Person

“I’ve changed how I talk to people. I know when to say the right things at the right time. I know now that working is important.”
Young Person

“We were pleased with the manner in which she worked and we were more than happy to provide her with casual work once her work experience placement was over.”

“The Project Officers were both absolutely amazing. We are very grateful for all your hard work.”
School referrer

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