Parents’ Emotional First Aid (EFA)

efaEmotional First Aid (EFA) is the initial support given to a child or young person experiencing emotional distress, offering responsive and focused support without the need for specific professional help.

Three EFA programmes have been designed for delivery:

1. Primary EFA (for practitioners working with children aged 5 – 11) Click here for more information.

2. Young Person’s EFA (for practitioners working with young people aged 11 – 25) Click here for more information (link to 3.5)

3. Parents’ EFA – see below

This six week/six session course (3.5 hours per session) focuses on areas including:

  • Explore and rediscover your sense of self
  • Identify early signs of emotional distress
  • Recognise and understand your own emotional needs
  • Understand and develop your own positive emotional health
  • Explore the risks we pose to ourselves
  • Develop and enhance your self esteem
  • Gain strategies to manage your own emotional wellbeing
  • Develop a support network with other parents

The length of the programme allows for practical application and reflection between sessions to ensure participants are able to bring thoughts, feelings, reflections and new ideas back to their next session.

On completion of a course, participants will be able to effectively support children and young people experiencing emotional distress through improved well-being, understanding, capability and confidence.

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