HeadStart Kent – Intensive Mentoring

Service: Through HeadStart Kent and Reconnect, Salus are able to offer an Intensive Mentoring Service to children and young people.

Aim: The aim of the programme is to improve the emotional health and well-being and build the resilience of children and young people.

Who is it for:

  • Working closely with HeadStart Kent and Kent Reconnect, Salus are able to offer intensive mentoring support to children and young people aged 8-18 across Kent.
  • It is also available to those not attending a formal setting (e.g. children educated at home) and those missing education.
  • The service is targeted at those young people who
    • display behaviour that indicates adversity
    • have been identified as having no consistent secure adult
    • live in a woman’s refuge
    • have experienced domestic abuse and their resilience has not been maintained as a result of other support.

The offer: Salus adopts a strengths based approach to supporting children, young people and their families. Using a range of evidence based approaches and tools (such as FRIENDS) and through a team of talented mentors, we work to understand needs and implement an action plan to address these.

The mentor will seek opportunities for the young person to develop their social confidence, engaging them in confidence building activities, working with parents to develop their skills, supporting resolution of family based issues and supporting access to other services as required.

Following assessment of need, the mentor will offer up to 10 weeks of support.

It is expected that a resilience conversation will have been undertaken with each young person, prior to referral https://www.headstartkent.org.uk/schools-and-practitioners/templates-and-documents/having-a-resilience-conversation

Referrals are accepted from schools/settings, Early Help and voluntary partners.  If the child or young person is already working with Early Help, please liaise with the Early Help Worker to ensure co-ordination of support. Please click here if you would like to refer a young person (information gathering form download).

If you have any queries or require further clarification please contact us.

Downloadable leaflets:

Information for Professionals (Intensive Mentoring)

Information for Parents and Carers (Intensive Mentoring)

Information for Young People (Intensive Mentoring)

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