The Salus self-harm support programme is aimed at young people who are or are at risk of self-harming. They may feel alone, lack self-esteem, be angry or simply want to ‘feel’ something.  The reasons for self-harm are vast and so referral to this service will be because an individual child or young person needs the time to talk about what matters to them, how they feel and their own personal reasons for self-harm.

Due to the complexity of self-harm and its potential ramifications on the lives of children and young people, each referral into this programme will be assessed carefully and onward referral may be suggested as an alternative.

Overall aims:

  • Understanding self-harm
  • Readiness to change – dangers of self-harming and body image
  • Triggers – why do I self-harm? When?
  • Emergency plan – what can you do when you think you might self-harm
  • Designing a support tree

Length of delivery:
Varies depending on need

Number of participants:

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