Pets as Therapy

The programme is a joint venture between Salus and Pets as Therapy (PAT), a national provider of AAA (Animal Assisted Activities) and AAT (Animal Assisted Therapy). All PAT volunteers working alongside Salus staff are registered with PAT and their animal’s temperament tested. PAT volunteers are fully insured and hold DBS checks.

The content of the sessions varies but includes basic obedience and care of an animal, demonstration of appropriate language, role plays and stories.

Overall Aims:

Children and young people participating in Salus PAT Programmes will be offered the opportunity to:

  • Develop positive communication skills
  • Build self-control/manage impulses
  • Focus on a given task
  • Develop emotional literacy
  • Build self-esteem

Length of delivery:
Varies depending on need/availability

Number of participants:
1 – 3


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