Managing Feelings

Managing Feelings (Anger Management)

These programmes are ideal for children and young people who have a lack of tolerance of each other and their surroundings and who may:

  • Lose their temper frequently
  • Are often disobedient
  • Are unable to communicate effectively
  • Have problems coping at school or other educational environment
  • Are under threat of exclusion
  • Are controlling
  • Are displaying bullying behaviours
  • Often stick up for others using inappropriate behaviour

Overall Aims:

Children and young people participating in Salus Feelings Programmes will be offered the opportunity to:

  • Identify common triggers of anger
  • To distinguish between emotions and behaviour
  • Take responsibility for mistakes
  • Identify positive and healthy ways to keep from losing control and learn alternatives to physical and verbal violence
  • Explore how they cover up more painful feelings with anger
  • Explore how people provoke them as a mean of control
  • Be empowered as peacemakers
  • Learn how to deal with other people’s anger

Length of delivery:
6, 8 or 10 weeks

1:1 or Small Group:

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