School Drugs Education

Salus have been delivering effective drugs education and incident management services in Kent for over 10 years.

Drugs education

Research shows that effective, planned school drugs education has a positive impact on children and young people by;

  • Raising knowledge about drugs
  • Challenging attitudes to drugs and drugs use
  • Challenging misinformation and myths
  • Developing risk assessment and decision making skills

Schools that take a holistic approach to drugs education and incident management, create an ethos in school where students have the knowledge and ability to accurately assess harm and the confidence to ask for help if needed.

Schools support

We have previously delivered drugs education and incident management training to over 3000 teachers in 300 Kent schools.

91% of the teachers who attended the training stated that it had a beneficial impact on:

  • Their classroom delivery style
  • Their confidence in delivery
  • Accurately needs assessing and targeting their curriculum
  • Their school’s practice and policy of drugs related exclusions
  • The quality of the teaching that they deliver
  • Identifying and referring young people who are vulnerable to drugs use

What we can offer:

  • Support to schools and other educational settings to accurately identify needs
  • Bespoke training packages for staff and parents
  • Support development of schools’ drugs education curriculum and policy in line with quality standards current research and best practice
  • Managing and delivering a range of drug education projects in schools

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