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Salus is an accredited training partner of The FRIENDS Programs International Foundation and we regularly run training workshops in Kent and nationally. By attending our one-day workshop, you can become licenced to run the FRIENDS programmes in your school, family or organisation.

If you are interested in delivering FRIENDS, please contact us to arrange training in your area or book a place on one of our existing training events.


5th July 2019: The Riverside Community Centre, Dickins Road, Gravesend, DA12 2JY.  9:30am – 4:00pm

Please see downloads for booking form and information flyer.

FRIENDS Programme

FRIENDS is resilience intervention proven to reduce anxiety and depression and promote positive mental health for children and young people. Based on Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), it has been recognised by the World Health Organisation as the only evidence based programme effective in reducing anxiety as a universal and targeted intervention (WHO, 2004). It has also been recommended by the UK Department of Education (Mental Health & Behaviour in Schools: Departmental advice for school staff, 2016). The FRIENDS intervention, originally developed in Australia by Professor Paula Barrett, Webster and Turner (2000) is a school-based, preventative programme.

The programme is a 10-12 week resilience intervention that can be delivered to whole classes, or as a targeted intervention for children with anxiety disorders or those identified as at risk. After running the intervention, the outcomes you can expect for your young people include:

  • significant reductions in symptoms of anxiety and depression
  • developing coping and resilience strategies to help deal with stress and worries
  • developing emotional and social skills
  • supporting positive engagement with learning

Ordering FRIENDS books

In order to run the FRIENDS Programmes, you must have a facilitator manual and provide an activity book for every child. The cost of the manuals and activity books are not included in our training fee. Activity books currently cost AUS$5 each. FRIENDS resources are now available as electronic books only. Printed books are no longer available. It is not possible to print the electronic books although some individual activities and resources can be printed.


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