Pupil Workshops

We offer a range of activity based workshops for children and young people of all ages from half day awareness raising sessions though to full day workshops and activity days for full year and key stage groups. Our longer two day programmes include a second day that focuses on peer mentoring / anti-bullying ambassador training enabling nominated pupils to take the lead in promoting cybersafety within their setting.

Our programme works best when it’s tailored to the needs of the setting.

Detailed below are examples of the range of topics that are typically covered within our full day workshops.

  • What do you do online
  • Devices
  • Choosing strong passwords
  • Privacy Settings
  • Posting personal information and photos
  • Cyberbullying
  • When friends fall out
  • Scams and Identity theft
  • Stranger danger
  • Social networking
  • Gaming
  • Blocking and reporting
  • Who can help if things go wrong
  • Salus Cyber Smart homework activity to share with parents

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