Congratulations Hartsdown Academy for achieving the ‘Safe at School’ Award!

18 January 2016

Hartsdown Academy have again achieved the Salus ‘Safe at School’ Award, evidencing their commitment to creating a safe, inclusive and accepting school environment where pupil and staff well-being is paramount and bullying is not tolerated.

The accreditation of the high-quality anti-bullying programme lasts for three years and Hartsdown’s recognition has again been renewed for a further period. The programme is aligned with Department for Education guidance, equality legislation and Ofsted requirements.

Jill Allen, Anti-Bullying and E-safety Co-ordinator for Salus, presented Hartsdown principal Andy Somers with the latest award.

Mr Somers said: “We work very hard to ensure that Hartsdown is a welcoming and safe place for all our students which is reflected in respect and tolerance for each other, and good behaviour. These are important parts of our whole-school ethos.

“We are proud to have our accreditation renewed for a further three years as it reinforces our already vigilant and strong practice in dealing with any form of bullying, which is something that occurs in schools worldwide.”

If your school is interested in becoming an accredited school, please contact us


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