Safe at School Anti-Bullying Survey

Click here to take part in the Safe at School Anti-Bullying Survey 2016-17.

To tackle bullying effectively it is crucial that the voices of children and young people are heard. Salus run the UK’s largest Anti-bullying annual survey – the Safe at School survey.  Over 32,000, 5 to 18 year old’s have shared their views and experiences with us in the last two years.

The findings were that: 50% of school age children reported that they have been bullied; break-time and the playground are by far the most likely time and place for bullying to take place. Cyber-bulling is on the rise, 29.3% of secondary pupils have received unwanted or nasty comments about themselves online,  15% have had unwanted or embarrassing videos or photos posted about them online; a significant number do not know how to go about removing this type of online content.


We have a range of anti-bullying surveys and environmental audits that can support you in tackling bullying in your school, college or setting including:

  • Staff
  • Pupils, across all key stages
  • Parents and Carers
  • Environmental / organisational


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